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How Not To Find My Blog (2011)

Google is a wonderful and strange thing. The term ‘to Google’ has long been a part of my vocabulary. In fact I probably use Google between 5-10 times a day. And although the search engine is pretty good at sending people where they need to go for information, it’s not always as accurate as it could be.

On this day last year I celebrated the year gone with my first ‘How Not To Find My Blog’ post, where I joyed in (and puzzled over) all the random search terms that have brought people to my blog. Inspired by a similar post over on Allen and Unwin’s blog I thought I’d mark another blogging year with a similar round up. So here is a guide of how not to find my blog using Google (even though some very disappointed people did)*:

Random Searches:

  • in the name of the dog dig (ok)
  • fatten up your face (really?)
  • “what kind of katherine are you” (the confused kind)
  • funny pancake (mmm … I do like pancakes)
  • gum boots pee (um, no. But I had plenty of gumboot mud at Woodford)
  • lessonful quotes (yup, I am full of those)
  • peanut exclamation (sounds delicious)
  • alcohol mind map (I don’t recommend this – it doesn’t make for sensible mind-mapping) 
  • pippa’s embarrassment (Julie – a new title, perhaps? There’s demand!)
  • aristotle poetics drama (this makes my blog appear more intelligent than it is)
Searches About Illustrating:
  • hot chocolate illustration (do I have an obsession with HC? Yes. Do I illustrate them? No)
  • a sketch of a rabbit held up (held up? With a gun? Who would do that to a little bunny..?)
Searches About Rabbits:
  • my dreams if i become a rabbit (would be AWESOME)
  • oil kathrines rabbits (now that’s just creepy)
  • rabbits travel through time (brilliant!)
  • squishing rabbits (so I can see how this brought them here, but I don’t condone this. At all)
  • angry rabbit (maybe a direct result of the above)
  • daddy cought a rabbit and thought it was a pup (well love, your daddy ain’t right)
  • rabbit by jk rowling (I’ve had LOTS of hits from this. Go JK!)
  • book where child eats a rabbit (ew…)
Bring on 2012. Bring on another year of random search terms. Google away my pretties!

* As irony would have it, me blogging about these search terms now actually makes it MORE likely someone will find my blog using them…

How Not to Find My Blog

Happy newest of years! To celebrate another year in the world of the Well Read Rabbit I thought I’d do a kind of ‘year in review’ – but not your typical one.

A great thing about having a WordPress blog is that you get daily stats, such as who checked out your blog, which posts were most popular and how people found your site. The last is my favourite, as the stats literally show you the search terms people typed in when they were directed to your blog. The things people google are so darn funny I’ve been collecting them. I thought I’d share some favourites from 2010, and I can guarantee you: none of these people found what they were looking for on my blog…

Random Searches:

  • children’s leopard pants
  • why is my mind so overactive?
  • my subconscious talks to me
  • how to fatten your best friends
  • zen dog mug
  • katherine’s long toes on a couch part 1
  • battersby edition bible

Searches About Illustrating:

  • peeing boy made of dots picture
  • how to make a brownie in illustrator
  • illustration of cats who wash her face

Searches About Rabbits:

  • virgo rabbit man weakness
  • story telling rabbits and carrot
  • how to read a rabbit’s mind
  • is rabbit a sign of pregnancy in dream
  • my rabbit lost a toe nail what do i do
  • rabbit painted as a leopard
  • pictures of being mean to rabbits

Here’s to more random googling in 2011!

House Vs Home

As many of you know, I have just made the big move interstate for my fiance’s work. I’ve packed my whole life into brown boxes, put my dog in a pet crate, pulled up all my roots and hopped on a plane to Adelaide, South Australia.

Moving makes you realise how much a house is really just four walls and a roof. When we first arrived we felt completely disoriented – culture shocked even. Because we knew no one here and nothing was familiar. But after a week, the quaint converted cottage I’m blogging from is starting to become a home, and I’ve discovered it’s all about the little details…

I love:

  • The high ceilings, fireplaces and wide creaking floor boards
  • That it smells and sounds like an old english house from my childhood (my dad was British so we spent a lot of time with his family over there)
  • The quirky trio of black bantam chooks painted on the power pole just outside our house, so when I drive down the street I know I’m home
  • The massive fig tree in our backyard heavy with fruit, and the strange little green gnome who sits under her
  • The sound of my pup’s toe nails clacking on the floorboards as he follows me around the house
  • The wind through the ivy that creeps down the side of the house
  • That I have blank walls to hang fresh canvases on (as we speak I’m doing a new painting specifically for this house)

But I don’t love:

  • The too-creepy-for-words cellar in the floor of our dining room. A wooden trapdoor lifts to a rusted metal ladder that leads down into something straight out of Silence of the Lambs. If I haven’t blogged for a few days, then you know where to suggest the police look…

It’s all these things (except the cellar) that have imbued this place that was once foreign with a feeling of homeliness. And when I think about it, it’s the very same details that make a story feel real and familiar, too. The small observations that ground you in the world of the story – that make it a novel you want to curl up with, one where you sigh when you open the pages.

I wonder what the details are that make your four walls and ceiling a home?

The Fun Theory

Who wouldn’t love a theory about fun?

The Land of Kiwis and Ice

I’m back! No broken bones and luckily not as sore as I expected to be. We had such a great time, I think NZ has made regular skiers out of us…

Two mad powder monkeys

Two mad powder monkeys

Just another lovely day at Cardrona

Just another lovely day at Cardrona


The view from our lodge


Sunset over Lake Wanaka

The elusive snow bunny, usually shy but this day preening for the camera

The elusive snow bunny, usually shy but this day preening for the camera

Gone Fishing

Well, not exactly fishing. Tomorrow we head off to the land of ice, New Zealand, for a ski trip. Should be hilarious really, considering I have no idea how to ski. You can be assured that comical photos are to follow.

This little ski bunny will be back in a week and a half. Wish me luck, but don’t tell me to break a leg … or an ankle … or a wrist …


9, the movie

Tim Burton + Digital Animation + Post Apocalyptic Quest = Much Awesomness

Enough said.

I want to be a Wild Thing

After seeing this clip, who doesn’t?



I have no idea what you’re talking about … so here’s a rabbit with a pancake on its head.

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