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You may have noticed I’m not using my blog as much as I used to. I still love blogging (and will continue to do so occasionally), but putting worthwhile posts together takes time when I often only have snippets in amongst busy days. But I do love online worlds – connecting with those who love books and other writers and parents and little readers and fellow rabbit enthusiasts. In many ways I’ve found my Facebook Author Page has taken over. As a platform I find it more immediate and a lot more interactive. I can post up photos and links daily and people can send me things too, and then conversations flow and fun things happen. So if you haven’t found me over there yet…

CLICK HERE (yes, here)

Feel free to hop on over, as I’d love to meet you. And just in case you’re wondering, these are the kinds of things I’ve posted in the last month or so…

A sneak peek of the latest project I’m working on:


The novels I read week to week:


The delightful literary luggage tag a friend gifted me as I headed off on an adventure:


The only rabbit that has stayed still long enough to be photographed since I arrived in Canada:


A couple of gorgeous illustrated books I picked up in Cuba. They’re in Spanish of course, but luckily I have a Spanish speaker in my household:


The only rabbit I spotted while in Cuba, down a side alley in Matanzas:


The gorgeous sunset we were treated to at a literary event in Brisbane called ‘Romancing the Stars’:


And finally a special February Valentine’s Day wish from both Squish and I:


Hope to see you over there

Why Blog?

Rabbit - playBlogging about blogging. Talk about circular logic. But there is a reason: Jonathan Crossfield has just released the latest Top 50 Australian Blogs for Writers. While I didn’t make the top 50 list, my blog debuted at #68. The rabbits and I are pretty happy with that. It made me think back to December last year, when I first decided to create this blog. My sole reason was to create a place to talk about writing (and to give my poor fiance’s ears a break). Back then I didn’t realise just how valuable a blog could be.

I’m often asked whether I think writers should blog. My short answer is ‘yes’. My long answer? These are the unexpected gifts my blog has given me:

  1. Networking: I met a number of the people currently in my face to face writing network through this blog. Some of them are bloggers. Others found me through the winding corridors of internet links. But all came to me through a shared love of writing and literature. So much for the stereotype of the isolated writer – I don’t think I’ve ever felt so connected.
  2. Opportunities: This surprised me the most. When I started this blog, I imagined only my family, long-suffering friends or dog would read it. If I was lucky. But I’ve had all sorts of publishing people contact me through it. I’m still not really sure how they found me, but it became really valuable when my agent was submitting my first manuscript. Several of the editors had already come across my blog, and others found it afterwards and requested to see more of my work based on what I’d discussed on here. It still freaks me out every time I realise someone ‘important’ has found me here, and I have to reread the last 10 posts to make sure I sound pseudo-intelligent and sane.
  3. Voice: Blogging has helped me to develop a narrative about the way I write – to gather my thoughts and reflect on the things I’ve learnt along the way. While I share that here, I’ve also been able to adapt several posts and sell them as articles to magazines. The statistics feature on my blog gives me instant feedback on the posts that have most connected with people, which is what first gave me the idea.
  4. Self-Esteem: It still makes me feel great each time someone leaves a comment. On the bad days, the rejection days, the ‘I can’t write’ days, this blog and the people who visit me here are a wonderful fountain of support and joy.
  5. Confidence: This blog has been part of the ladder that’s lead me to being able to say, in public, that I’m a writer and illustrator. I no longer apologise for the fact. Or give my old job title because it’s just easier. I’m a writer. And an illustrator. And I love it.

So I’m obviously pro blogging, but realise it’s not for everyone. You have to have some internal desire to be heard, which I think most writers have anyway. If you do decide to take the plunge, keep in mind the following:

  1. No matter what you may think, people WILL read it. So consider what you say and don’t post too hastily.
  2. Authors are public figures. If you set-up a blog as a writer/illustrator, only put up things that represent you well. The blog will become part of your brand (and you never know when an agent or editor might find it)
  3. Be upfront about how often you plan to post and try to stick to it. This way, when you build up a readership, they’ll know how often to stop by.

What have others learnt about blogging? Any surprises or unexpected benefits / negatives? Anyone else as addicted to blogging as I am?

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A blog of ramblings about the world of writing and illustrating for children, by an author / illustrator who might just have a thing for rabbits.

Katherine's picture books, 'Squish Rabbit' and 'Brave Squish Rabbit', are out with Viking (Penguin, US) and UQP (Australia). Please e-mail if you would like her to blog about something in particular.

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