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Little Cupcake Reads Squish

I had to post this. It is so gosh darn adorable. So incredibly sweet and giggle-worthy. And not just because this little munchkin is reading my book. Ok maybe it helps, but it’s pretty cute never-the-less. Even more so because she’s reading it backwards…

Here’s what Cupcake (her online pseudonym) says:

“thought he was playing…he kicked his little legs”
“big tantrum – argghhhh!”
“they broke all the rules!”
“passed him by” (then sings it again – so sweet)

My favourite part is when she makes the squishing sound when Squish nearly gets stepped on. If only she could accompany me for all my readings – what great sound effects and emotional range! Hop on over to the LibLaura5 blog to see the original post, where this little cutie names Squish Rabbit as her favourite book of 2011 (doesn’t that make it all worth it?).

Squish has also made it onto a few other nice recommendation lists for books that came out in 2011. The wonderfully talented Chris Bongers did a fun round-up over on her blog about which books to buy for loved ones over Christmas. Where The Best Books Are also did a lovely summary post called ‘A Few of my Favourite Things’ and I love the way they capture Squish’s experience of the world:

One day he was bending over to marvel at a tiny red flower and a scaly-legged giant stepped on him. Being wee, his body bounces back. But his heart? Well, the hurt of being overlooked doesn’t go away.
Squish sends carrots and tiny rabbit hugs in thanks for all the amazing support.

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