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Illustration Wednesday

More character experiments today.  Am playing with the profile and accompanying expressions of a lead character from the junior novel I’m developing through the mentorship.  She went through many different stages (and hair styles) in trying to capture a look that best defined her personality, but I think this one finally works.  Am also learning to sketch using my wacom tablet.  Luckily for me I like a loose sketchy line, because I can’t control it enough yet to get a smooth one!  I just dropped some paper behind the sketches to give an impression of her colouring.


I noticed today that I’ve been listening to a lot of musical sound tracks while I draw.  Chess.  Les Miserables.  Wicked (which I saw recently while in London and am a little obsessed with).  I think it’s because the music has a clear narrative thread, which as a writer I particularly enjoy, and as an illustrator it keeps me thinking about characterisation.  How characters change and grow.  Either that or I’m just a bit of musical nerd.  Always have been I’m afraid.  Can’t get enough of them.

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